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Is White House fence jumper getting a pass?

(CNN)Prosecutors have asked a federal judge to sentence Omar Gonzalez, who scaled a White House fence in September, to almost two years in prison.

The reaction from the public and lawyers alike was similar — it feels like a light sentence.

But federal court is generally not the place where you hear about a “slap on the wrist” type of sentence. Quite the opposite — stories about federal sentences resemble mournful dirges about banishment and oblivion.

Judge weighs two conflicting narratives in sentencing of Louis ‘Lolo’ Willis today

Almost a year to the day after prosecutors charged Louis “Lolo” Willis, the former executive director of the V.I. Legislature, with multiple counts of bribery and extortion, a federal judge will decide today whether the prominent former official is headed to prison. Depending upon how presiding Judge Curtis V. Gomez chooses to interpret the sentencing guidelines, Willis could face at least a decade behind bars.

Is female sterilization OK or creepy?

Recently, Nashville’s district attorney banned prosecutors from offering female sterilization in plea deals. Believe it or not, Nashville prosecutors have offered this option four times in the past five years.

There has been public outrage at the notion that a defendant in America in 2015 would be offered a choice of sterilization as part of a plea deal.

Except, it happens all the time.

Can UVA fraternity sue Rolling Stone?

According to an outside review by Columbia Journalism School professors, “(a)n institutional failure at Rolling Stone resulted in a deeply flawed article about a purported gang rape at the University of Virginia.”

The Columbia team concluded that “The failure encompassed reporting, editing, editorial supervision and fact-checking.”

Hardly a ringing endorsement of the editorial process at the publication.

The Justice Department’s questionable battle against FedEx

The United States Department of Justice has named a new defendant in the war on drugs, and the charges are serious indeed.

A 15-count indictment filed in federal court in California bristles with accusations of conspiracies, transporting prescription pharmaceuticals dispensed with illegal prescriptions, violations of the Controlled Substances Act, misbranding charges, and money laundering charges.

Who is this menace to society?